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Jan 26

Brazilian Butt Lift for perfect body

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Brazilian Butt Lift

There are quite literally scores of different workout programs available in the market for Brazilian Butt Lift. As consumers, we have become distrustful of all these regimens that claim to be the best thing since sliced bread but that don’t actually deliver any results.

However, the rules of commerce have changed slightly, and new programs that are developed now are no longer allowed to be simple scams. So, whichever program you choose, you will know that if you stick to it, it will give you benefits. However, that doesn’t make your life any easier, since there are still so many different programs to choose from.

The three most popular exercise programs at present are the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout, Zumba and the Booty Slide. It is not possible to accurately determine which one is best, as it all depends on what your goals are, what your fitness levels are and, most of all, what you enjoy doing. An exercise program is never going to be successful if you dread doing it. The following will explain what each of these exercise programs is, so you can decide which one will work best for your own specific needs and goals.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

This workout has been designed by personal trainer to the supermodels Leandro Carvalho. It is a sculpting workout that focuses specifically on the butt. Women like Victoria’s Secret Alessandra has revolutionized the Brazilian butt lift workout – in fact, it was designed for her – and women all over the world are now starting to use it.

One of the great things about this workout is that it gives you a beach ready body, bum, thighs, hips and all, but it won’t bulk you up. This means that you will look sexy, curvaceous, feminine and booty-licious.

brazilian butt lift

Leandro uses his TriAngle Training method for the Brazilian Butt Lift workout. This method has been tested and proven to be effective and it consists of a number of fun lower body moves. The results are truly amazing and since the reviews come from world-renowned supermodels, we can only assume that they are true. TriAngle Training means that you work the three muscles in the butt, collectively known as the glutes. They are worked from a range of different angles. This way, the hamstrings are exercised, as are the heads of the muscle, which support the pelvic bone. By doing this, the buttocks are shaped and lifted. The Brazilian butt lift workout is a true booty transformation plan.

Besides this, it also comes with a fat burning guide that you won’t find anywhere else. Best of all, the recipes including in the guide are all Brazilian in origin, so you will truly be eating some amazing food. Leandro worked together with a renowned Brazilian nutritionist in order to create the meal plans. As a result, you can eat all the fantastic flavors of Brazil, without feeling the need to count calories or feel guilty after every snack.

The Brazilian butt lift workout uses Brazilian dance and martial arts with cardio exercises and lower body movements. Six workouts are included in the program, including the 20 minute basics, the 35 minutes bum bum, the 35 minutes high & tight, the 50 minutes sculpt, the 30 minutes cardio axe and the 20 minutes tummy tuck. Besides this, the program also comes with the Bum Bum Rapido 10 minute program. Bum Bum (pronounced boom boom) is the Brazilian word for butt.

The program is designed to also work for those who need higher resistance. For instance, the High & Tight needs resistance bands and ankle bands, which are provided when you buy one of the Brazilian butt lift workout kits. Do make sure you buy the right kit, as they don’t all come with the same weights and resistance bands. The workout comes with four different schedules. Working out which Brazilian butt lift workout schedule is right for you depends on your body type as well as on your goals.

Tools are provided to help you work out which schedule is right for you. You will be working out either five or six days a week, but that means you have at least one day of rest as well. First, there is the lift and shape schedule, which is designed to get your booty in perfect shape and lifted up. Then, there is the slim and lift schedule, which is for those who also want to lose weight besides getting that perfect Brazilian butt. Then, there is the slim and shape schedule, designed for people who want to tone, get slim and have an awesome derriere. Lastly, there is the classic schedule, which lifts, shapes and slims. This is the most commonly followed schedule on the Brazilian butt lift workout. It is an incredibly popular plan, not in the least because you can follow different schedules, but also because the results are amazing and it is fun to do.

Comparing the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout to Zumba

A lot of people have heard of Zumba. It compares to the butt lift workout in as such that it is a cardio workout and in as such that it works on your butt. However, Zumba is not a proven, tried and tested butt technique. They both use dance, but the Brazil butt lift is far more solid, working on specific muscles. Zumba also doesn’t have a nutritional plan attached to it, nor does it come with a fitness guide. This makes it much more difficult to set goals and keep track of your progress. However, Zumba is a whole lot of fun, particularly because you can go to Zumba classes and socialize with others. However, if you really want a booty transformation, the Brazil butt lift is for you.

Comparing the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout to the Booty Slide

The booty slide is very similar to the Brazil butt lift. Again, they both use dance cardio and they both work on sculpting the lower part of the body. But, the techniques they use are very different. The booty slide uses a combination of concepts rather than the Triangle Training method. This makes both programs completely unique. The booty slide, however, is a zero impact training, which means it can be followed by people with health problems such as arthritis. The program used Pilates, yoga, resistance training, aerobics, slide training, interval training and dance. The booty slide is also a much cheaper program. However,it only comes with four workouts and doesn’t have a fitness guide or nutrition plan, although you can buy these as separate add-ons, making the program more expensive. The booty slide also requires specialized equipment, including high performance booties, hand slider pads and knee slider pads. You should also invest in resistance bands, which further adds to the expense. All in all, although a great workout, it isn’t as good as the Brazil butt lift workout at all. The choice is yours.